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Design at Home is an exclusive Flooring America/Flooring Canada publication delivering quarterly interior design insight and inspiration to help our customers create the home of their dreams.  

Every new year sparks feelings of a fresh start and motivates us to inaugurate new goals and resolutions for the next year. Whether the saying, “new year, new me,” rings true to you, or whether you simply don’t believe in creating New Year’s resolutions, one thing is constant—the best time to start creating a home and a life you love is today. Explore the 2022 Winter Issue of Design at Home where you'll find pages full of exclusive interior design advice and learn about the top trends and hottest floor picks this year.

Welcome to the Winter 2022 Issue

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Behind the Design: A Rustic Mountain Retreat

This stunningly picturesque mountain escape has all the essentials for a large family. In this design feature, interior designer Jodee March delves into creating a functional home retreat a family of ten that was designed as a getaway from their city house. Big Sky Home Interiors gathered inspiration from the Montana mountains to create a home full of color, texture and personalized rustic charm.

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Up-and-Coming Trends Room by Room

The start of a new year elicits feelings of anticipation for what is to come. With any luck, a few home tweaks are usually involved. This season, we're focusing on room-by-room ideas to help you make the most of each space in your house. You'll adore these gorgeously designed areas, whether it's a warm bedroom or a room designed exclusively for movie nights.

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Achieving an Elevated Look: Designing with White

Fall back in love with white with this article by designer Diana Rose, who discusses how she uses white color palettes as the dominant part of her interior design. Learn everything you need to know about combining white with color and adding interest without color through shading, tones, textures and materials in Rose’s feature on designing a living space with white.

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Bridging Natural Light + Warm Textures

Learn how you can bridge natural light with warm textures in your bedrooms in this carpet flooring feature. This theme for winter combines the natural beauty of sunshine with the warmth of carpet to produce one harmonized style that will transform your bedroom from dreary to brilliant. Explore ways to achieve this look through natural light and neutral carpet with recommendations from our Flooring America carpet catalog.

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