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Celebrating 48+ Years in the Upper Valley

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Showcase Interiors Flooring America is locally owned and operated by trusted experts. By shopping at a Flooring America store, you’re supporting your local community, and you’ll enjoy personalized service that you won’t find elsewhere. We desire to be your trusted Flooring and Window Covering advisor just like we have been for those in the Upper Valley over the last 48 years.


Showcase Interiors opened its doors in October 1975. Immediately after his return from a church mission, 21-year-old Blair Rigby partnered with his brother-in-law to open a new home furnishing store offering flooring, kitchen cabinets, paint, appliances, and furniture. 


8 months later they faced a significant challenge that threatened the survival of the business. On June 5, 1976, the Teton Dam broke, destroying homes and businesses in Sugar City, Rexburg, and the surrounding communities. It filled the Showroom and warehouse with 6 feet of water and swept huge rolls of carpet and other large items right out the back door and miles downstream. Some rolls of carpet were found 2 miles away wrapped around giant trees in the Rexburg Cemetery! 

As a result of the flood, Showcase became cemented in the community. The demand for the products Showcase provided exploded! Blair recalls, "Everybody wanted everything at once. We went through many growing pains, but in the end, it conditioned us to better handle people's needs." Since then, Showcase has maintained a focus on continued support to the region with its excellent service, varied product lines, and community focus.

As the decades have gone by, Showcase has steadily grown (now with 3 added warehouses) and is widely known for carrying a variety of flooring in stock. We service residential, commercial, and multi-family communities. 


Check out this news video from 2014 about how Showcase Interiors started: Featured News Video




Patrick Bjornn began working at Showcase Interiors when he was hired in January 1996, fresh off his church mission. He worked in the warehouse for a year before securing a spot on the sales staff, eventually becoming the sales manager. He immediately found he loved learning about the people he met on a personal level and selling them some flooring was simply a bonus. During this time, he married Anna Harris and graduated from BYU-Idaho, and they had 5 wonderful children.

Eventually, Patrick and Blair agreed on the future direction of Showcase. In March 2020, Patrick and Anna Bjornn purchased the store from Blair and Denise Rigby. Patrick firmly believes in applying the Golden Rule to business. "Don't sell our friends anything that you, under similar conditions, wouldn't want yourself." At Showcase, it is all about the customer. Our goal is to discover the vision of our friends, and then give them the best service and product we possibly can; before, during, and after the sale. 




We look forward to the decades ahead of happily meeting and serving our loyal customers.

We want to make the shopping experience for our products as simple as we can.

We will ALWAYS treat you with respect and friendship.



Showcase Interiors Flooring America

Proud To Be Locally Owned


Proud To Be Locally Owned

When you support a store that is locally owned and operated like ours, you know that we understand your needs better and will take care of you at every step. You know you can trust us with your home improvement projects because your neighbors have — just read their reviews.

Empowering Communities

We’re proud to be part of a strong cooperative that invests in our community, sustains family businesses, bolsters our local economy, and supports friends and neighbors.

Start your project today.

Experience the easiest way to shop for floors.

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We Provide A Better Shopping Experience.

By coming together, local Flooring America stores are also able to benefit their customers with resources they wouldn’t have individually. They have access to an extensive selection of the finest flooring available, including hardwood, carpet, luxury vinyl, tile, laminate and more. Incredible buying power makes it possible to offer these high-quality floors at surprisingly affordable prices.

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Showcase Interiors, Inc.

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